from whizzer to happy time..



hello everyone!

I recently quit the film industry and decided to go back to school to persue my design career. in the mean time, ive gone back to my old part time gig of working at ye olde hot rod shoppe'. a co worker and i have decided that we should make ourselves a few prototype bikes - one chopper, one board track and one weird mix of old and new (think buck rogers). i am in charge of the buck and the board track- im letting him handle the chopper. i recently bought a new vintage bicycle, 1962 schwinn typhoon that came off an army base painted all a drab tan. i also have my whizzer, shes pushing 40 these days and im very happy. i have another whizzer that im working on trying to get - that will be for the boardtracker.

heres my questions
the dax 80 or "happy time" - will it give me the same kind of excitement that my whizzer will give me? - its very clearly less displacemnet and 2 stroke

can i paint the whole motor? would manifold paint work? would it cause any overheating issues

is there any way to get a longer coil wire? to hide the unsightly black box of doom?

if i take it easy on this thing, about how long will it last before complete melt down?

honestly, if i had another whizzer motor, there would be no use for this thread, im just wondering if the dax 80 is the best alternitve (no rack mounts or lawnmower motors- they just wouldent look right in the application)
the bike in question
the whizzer
board track goal
inspiration for the wacky bike!

I can answer the paint question
I have a painted HT, used high-heat ceramic paint from checker
still looks good after 1000 miles

It really seems that your board has a very high end role model. It would be a shame not to at least come reasonably close to that twin.
mixed feelings...if you want a more "real" b'tracker, definitely do an unrestricted whizzer...the HT option would not disappoint you (re: performance) provided you go into it with a realistic set of expectations. they can be dressed up pretty nicely, try some searches about "painting engines" or whatever.

the whacky bike...i like yer thoughts on the "modern-deco"...this would be a great HT candidate, they tuck into a retro frame so nicely :)

keep us posted :cool: