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  1. Terens

    Terens New Member

    just got my hands on a black OCC Schwinn Stingray, plan on motorizing obviously, anyone else in Wisco?

  2. ENO

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    Wecpme to Mbc

    Hey Terens for ENO (Down Under)..Yeh the black OCC Stingray..Great looking bike, needs an 80cc (66cc) motor to compensate for the weight / and the build is a bit difficult..My son has a red and a black OCC and we have motorised the red one (I prefer black)..Use SEARCH / OCC CHOPPER for all the info you will need..I have posted some pics of his bike for you to check out to give you some idea of the finished build..good luck..ENO (Oz)

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  3. Terens

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    very nice build! I look forward to putting mine together this fall.

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