Front axle too short / What thread is it?

Dannt D

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Aug 5, 2008
Hi, New here and I have several questions. The front axle on my new 07 NE5 is about 5/8" too short. The axle is not long enouff so it does not go all the way thru the nuts. The axle is 5 1/2" over all lenght but it needs to have at least 5 3/4" of thread so that there is room for the nuts to screw all the way on before getting tight. I talked to a guy at Whizzer and he said they were aware of the short axle problem. He told me replacing the axle may not be easy as it was an odd thread, not SAE or metric. He also said 5 1/2" was as long as he had. I had to loosen one nut to adjust the fender strut and saw that the threads were damaged. I have not tried to identify the threads yet. Has anyone run into this problem? Do you know what thread it is?
If it is a standard bicycle part, it is 3/8" x 26 tpi.

Normal hardware store stock (SAE) for 3/8" is 24 tpi or 16 tpi
Hi Dannt D,
I just compared the nut from a Shimato [most likely spelled wrong]wheel and it is the same thread as my 1999, 2001, and 2003 models, but I don't have a 2007 so I can't tell you for sure if they are the same. Are your fender braces located under the nuts? Do your fork legs have additional tabs to mount braces? My 2001 [24"] and my 2003 [24"] have the braces mounted to the fork tubes, not the axle nuts. My 1999 [26"] has one set of braces affixed to the fork leg mounting tab and the other brace is fastened under the axle nuts. If both of the braces are under the nuts, then it might be possible to find fender braces to connect to the tabs, and free up additional space on the axle to allow more of the nut to screw on.

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