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Quenton Guenther

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Aug 2, 2007
Outer Banks North Carolina
I have been asked by several to post information on front belts for the Whizzer motorbike. The vintage Whizzers used an AX26 [28"] front belt, and the new edition Whizzers use a 4L290 [29"]. AX belt part numbers are somewhat confusing, but simply add 2" to the number to determine the length. The AX26 is a notched 28" belt that is oil/gas resistant. If using an AX belt to replace the current 4L290 the correct part number would be AX27 [29"]. Several have contacted me to find a source for the AX27 belt, I purchased them from a NAPA auto parts store, but they had to order them. I did a Google search and found a lot of suppliers claiming to offer the belt for sale. Over the last several years many have converted to the AX27 belt, but a few complained it doesn't release as well as the 4L290 when using the manual clutch at the stop sign. Often owners remove the metal bracket behind the belt guard, a NO NO, because the bracket holds the belt centers closer to cause the belt to slip on the flywheel pulley when disenguaged. If using the automatic clutch the AX27 [because of the design] will grip much better on the pulleys. I have tried the John Deere belt [expensive] and it is too stiff and too small. I have also tried the XL series belts from NAPA, but didn't find any advantage over the AX belt series.
Hope this information is helpful, and don't forget to buy parts from your local Whizzer dealer when possible.

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I just got the ax27 belt and it seems to grip better. I do still hear squeeking but I think it is because it needs to be worn in.

On another note I just want to give a big thanks to Quenton for being one of the most helpful people I have met in any automotive industry. In the last 24 hours Ive had just about everything go wrong with my clutch that could and he has helped me get all the parts locally and get everything running. My bike now is easy to start on the first pedal when its on the stand. He also dealt with my calling him every 45 minutes trying to get something else to work right. If anyone needs help and cant find it locally this is the man to call!