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    Ive posted alot on this site, and just figuring id like to upgrade my brakes...

    at the moment i have the standard friction brakes that came with the bike. to be frank they are terrible for the use on these i feel. no car would be allowed to drive with a incredibly slow deacceleration, so why my bike! right??

    what i was thinkin, because i dont have mounts for disc brakes (altho those would be ideal) would be the drum brakes ive seen before.
    does anyone know where to get these, as well as the most cost effective.

    or how to mount discs without tremendous effort???


  2. Mountainman

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    you are looking at new wheels just for starters
    cables, levers ect ect

    maybe a new bike is a good way to go ?? with disk breaks
    motor bike #2

    try search engine
    saw some fine brake pads the other day
    may be of some help

    ride the motor bike thing
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    I think Grubee will be able to help you with a drum brake hub.We have them in stock here in Australia but I think it would be cheaper for you to buy it from within the USA.
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    Golden Eagle also carries the front wheel with sturmey-archer installed for around 130 which includes shipping I believe.

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    those grubee ones are awesome.. comes with the axel and sprocket.. seems like a solid solution,

    does anyone have any experience with them??

    and i am a poor college student.. so where i could get one really cheap???