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  1. John-Forrest

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    My front disc brake recently stopped working, getting dangerous to ride. Would this be something I need to adjust - or am I going to have to get another one. I don't even know how a disc brake works. I'd appreciate any help!

  2. moped-dan

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    Hey John, eventually disc brake pads will need to be replaced, maybe that's your problem? Another thing to remember is not to get any lubricant or anything on the pads or the disc itself, espeially wd-40. Even just touching the disc can get oils from your hand onto it. Dosent seem like a big deal but if something gets on the pads or disc their stopping power goes downhill REALLY fast.
  3. Mountainman

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    hi John
    get that thing checked out

    do you have any movement down their at the disk ??
  4. John-Forrest

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    Pads for disc brakes...

    I've been riding hundreds of miles and it's probably the pad. When I pull in handle, the cable moves ok, but I did note the pad looked WAY down! Are pads universal for bicycle disc brakes?

    Thanks for suggestion.

  5. moped-dan

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    If I were you id find out the model of the disc brake and google the name for replacement pads. Good luck, nothing beats well set up discs.
  6. Mountainman

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    best buy Ford

    no John
    many different sizes and makes
    kind of like buying brake pads for a Ford -- best buy Ford
  7. John-Forrest

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    Anyone know disc type for WildFire motors?

    I've riding a WildFire MB-26 and the front disc is original brake. Does anyone know front disc model # for that one?

    Along that line, does anyone know if there are superior front disc brakes - or pads? I put a more powerful engine and stopping power is important.

    I notice that engaging motor downhill gives some braking. I usually just pull in clutch and coast, but in emergency, engaging motor works.
  8. javelina1

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    Rubbing alcohol works real well to clean off the pads and rotors. From time to time, my Avid Mechanical's will start to whine a little. Clean them off, and they're good to go. Of course if there's not much material left on the pad, its time to change.