Front disk break from no front disk break conversion?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by bikejock, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. bikejock

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    I'm looking to install a disk break on my Dyno Deuce I'm using for my MB build. It uses a 26 front wheel with an 18 hole standard GT hub. Is there an 18 hole disk break front hub that could fit on my bikes wheel? It stops OK with the one rear coaster break but I'd really would want stopping power in the front. I wanna keep the rims spokes & tires original so I wouldn't mind changing out the front hub. The front hub is probably the one thing I wouldn't mind parting with on that bike.

  2. butre

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    you need a front hub and probably a new fork with mounting points for a brake caliper. a front drum might be a better option if you don't want to put a new fork on it, though you'd likely need shorter spokes.
  3. KCvale

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    If you want to install a Break just use a big a big hammer.
    If you want something to stop your bike, try a Brake!
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    I would prefer a disk break for the front because I would want to preserve the paint on the rims. Although I am considering a good quality drum break. The pads on those U breaks wear down the paint on painted rims. If I could find a red 26 bike rim with black spokes & black disk break hub I'd get one but I cant seem to find any 26 red rim black spoke wheels with a disk break compatible hub. I might try pairing up my mountain bike front wheel to see if that hub pairs up with the fork. The tires on my mountain bike are 29s which obviously wont work on my crusier i'm using for my build. But I should be able to at least use that hub as a fitting reference for a disk break hub
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  5. bikejock

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    Looks like I found a proper hub but its starting to look more like I'll need to get a disk break compatible fork. Unless, Does anyone know of any universal disk break mounting clappers or clapper adapters? I would love to keep the original fork. But if I had to I think I found a suitable disk break fork. I would need to measure my Dynos head tube before buying.

    I'm having my local bike shop install the hub for me when I get it because they do great work for good prices. They fixed the bearings on my Dyno for $40 because both the bottom bracket and rear hub bearings were loose. It now rides like new. Although I think the seat could use some WD40 as it squeaks allot.
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    Breaks are a bad thing; I recently had a rear axle break. Will be doing a thread on it soon. Breaks can bring you to a quick stop but not in a good way.

    As for brakes get the proper forks for disc brakes. You may even want to weld on mounts for some rear disc brakes.
  7. KCvale

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    I suppose you don't need to know how to spell brake to weld one :rolleyes7:
  8. bikejock

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    Decided to go with a drum brake for my bike. It's the simpler solution without me having to change out my fork. strumey archer seems to be a good brand. Not to pricey ether.
  9. KCvale

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    Drums make fine front brakes.

    The important thing is you know that no motorized bike is safe without front and rear brakes, I cringe when see these guys cruising around at 30mph with just a coaster brake.
    It's not a matter of if they will crash into something, just when.