Front drum brake and 26" wheel

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    Hi there, does anyone know of the best place to find a "FRONT" 26" X 2"1.25 wheel assembly with a drum brake ? Anyhelp would be great...I did find one place in Texas and the price wasnt too bad but the shipping was WAY too much.


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    Here here

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    Hello Redpiper777

    Worksman would be the toughest wheel with the best drum break that I know of. Their out of NY. These are American made products!
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    A while back, I had the wheelmaster build me a front wheel with a Sturmey-Archer X-FDD dynohub (drum brake and generator) with a Sun Mammoth BFR rim and his 10 gage spokes. It's just about indestructible. It was expensive, but, I'm not worried about that wheel EVER turning into a taco. (although the rear wheel supports more weight than the front, if the front wheel ever does taco & bind at speed, you're going over the handlebars...
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    FYI. As far as the Workman bikes go, they are certainly a solid alternative. It's hard to find JUST their wheels at their site, though - you have to look in their pdf price lists, then under the replacement parts price list. The ones you'll be probably interested in are either 77A or 77CAR (Standard (steel) or Alloy wheels, respectively.) These two are both for 26x2.125 rubber. If you want a narrower tire, they also offer a standard steel wheel for 26x1.75 tires (465A.)

    Husky Industrial bikes also has a front drum brake wheelset for sale.
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    Thanks yep I talked to him today and he said he'll have some in a couple months cuz they come from oversea's. Funny I found this guy about an hour before this reply...

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    So redpiper777,

    Who are you going to get your front hub wheel from?
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    Good luck with that, birdman..

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    Looks like I will go with Custom Motored Bicycles to sell me the brake hub and lace up my wheel to it for $80 plus shipping. Really hate to ruin the rims on this bike with rubber pads dragging on them.

  11. I have a pair of Worksman rims on my Whizzer. The front is 26 X 2.125. The rear is a 24 X 2.125. The front has a Phil Wood hub with an IRD disc brake. I had the 26" rim laying around for awhile. The rear was purchased new and has some off brand drum brake from E-Bay. I just like the look of it. The chrome on the new factory wheel is not as good as the chrome on the old wheel. They said the old one must have been re-chromed? The front hub was not cheap but I'm sure happy with it. High polished stainless and it goes around and around.
    When I was at the stage I think you are at with your build I found a guy up in San Jose, CA. to put it all together for me. That was a shot in the dark but it hit its mark.
    This guy is named Guy and he goes by "Bike Guy" on E-Bay. He did a lot of work for me on my early edition Crossbow Monarch fork, Polished SS Phil Wood links, bearing races and stuff... He drew up the design for the links so he could mount the calipers. The Phil people scanned it and printed out 3d parts in plastic. He took them home and checked everything out and they worked with no issues. Phil sent it to the CNC and they were laser cut and polished. We also got Kevlar belted tires from Worksman. To me the set up looks bullet proof. He did a cold bend and splayed the fork so the wider hub would fit.
    Back to your question, I would not trade wheels with anyone. If I need any wheel work done I will get in touch with Guy. It's like most things. Get the best you can afford at the time.
    I've spent my life in construction but not motorbike construction. I wouldn't have a clue how to lace up a wheel, honestly. In spite of having virtually no suspension the wheels are still as true as they come. If you decide to race, Worksman wheels might be a bit clunky but durable. Whatever brake you use there is a break in period and they will need to be adjusted. I learned that one the hard way.
    Hope you get it rolling soon and have fun.
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    Hey Jim,

    Since it is pretty hard to find an email address on Ebay, would you happen to have Guy (Bike Guy's) email address so I can see what he could do for me?
  13. I sent you the address via PM. Check it out.
  14. I don't know if Guy would be interested in getting a plug on this forum but we should find out. I'm sure he would pick up some business. I just don't know if he wants more business.
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    I really like drum brakes...

    I'm not completely sure what this resurrected thread is about, other than the mention of building wheels with drum brakes. But I'd like to weigh in...

    A vintage look was what I was going for with my latest build. The bike is a 2012 Giant "Simple Single" cruiser that I bought new in October 2011. It's a $350+/- aluminum-frame bike, and it's a single-speed ride that comes with a rear Shimano CB-E100 coaster brake -- and no front brake. That rear coaster brake is fine for an un-motorized beach cruiser. But with my 49cc 4-stroke engine, I obviously needed to put a front brake on the bike. The basic front forks aren't set up for any kind of brakes -- caliper or disc. But it became obvious to me that a drum brake would be very effective, and would give me the vintage look I was shooting for -- and not require any braze-ons on the forks. So, I bought a Sturmey Archer X-FD 70mm front brake hub online for about $80 (total after shipping). I had a local bike shop build this hub into the high-quality, stock alloy Giant front rim for $70 cash. This $150 front brake setup seemed costly at first, but it looks so right...and it stops this bike unlike any other bike brake I've squeezed a lever on!

    Bottom line: I really dig front drum brakes!

    drumbrake.jpg P-P_6-30-12.jpg