Front drum brake for vintage Whizzer

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Traveler, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Traveler

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    I am looking at buying a Sturmey Archer X-FD Front Drum hub for my vintage Whizzer. Could someone give me advice if this will work? Do I also have the change the spokes because the hub is a larger diameter? The spokes are heavy duty.

  2. whizzer48

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    Yes. I got mine dad that one for his whizzer. He paint his rims and took it to shop and got new spokes.

    Look under spokes. You can be running .105 or .120.
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  3. wheelbender6

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    You can sometimes find a drum brake wheel from an industrial trike on craigslist or EBay. The heavier wheel also makes the steering more stable.
  4. Traveler

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    When I do buy a new drume brake for the front wheel, will the same length spokes work?
  5. wheelbender6

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    Regardless of the brand you choose, you will need to have a shop build the wheel for you . That's why I thought you may save some money by buying a used drum brake wheel.
    I once bought an Arai front drum brake hub on EBay. The drum was full width, so it looked motorcyclish. However, I don't have a whizzer, just a regular beach cruiser.
  6. azbill

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  7. Traveler

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    Thanks. Wish I had seen the wheel before ordering the hub for $50.
  8. Traveler

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    I wound up ordering the weel with brake after all. I will return the other brake order. Thanks.
  9. azbill

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    glad I could help :)
  10. Traveler

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    Could someone post a photo with the wheel installed on a bike, brake arm view? Thanks.
  11. ParadoX

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    Ive got a quick question about these drum brakes. Can you just use a normal break lever with them?
  12. Drum brakes

    Hi yes I use normal levers BUT some of the drums work much better with heavy-duty cables (like motorcycle types)

  13. Traveler

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    New wheel is now installed.

    I installed the new wheel with the Sturmey Archer front drum brake. I had to make a custom brake arm clamp because of the springer forks. I am still waiting on a brake handle to be delivered, so I don't have the cable installed yet. I don't know if I have it installed correctly, so comments and suggestions are welcome. Photo attached.

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    I'm still not happy with the way the brake arm secures to the fork. I have moved it to secure to the stationary chrome plated part of the fork. it lines up better, vertically, but the arm has a half inch space between the arm and the fork. I don't want to put extra unwanted stress on the fork or the arm when the brake is engaged. see previous photo. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  15. MaxGlide

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    Bump - X-FD or XL-FD

    Bumping this thread..... would the X-FD be sufficient or would one be better advised to go for the XL-FD being that there is more weight (and I weigh 190lbs)?

    Thanks.... Wayne
  16. azbill

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    I have over 14,000 miles on my X-FD (my stretch is the 4th bike it has been on), and it has been stopping me, the bike, and the trailer full of grandkids for all those miles :)

    the shoes still look pretty new too ;)
    considering the weight they handle and the severe hills where I live,,,
    I would say they are one of the best investments I have made regarding my MB !!!
  17. MaxGlide

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  18. azbill

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    Wayne,,,I am not sure about the rim, it might need to be drilled for the larger spokes...
    but the husky wheel is very strong, I have used those on a few builds for others, and am using one of their rear coaster wheels on my stretch
  19. MaxGlide

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    You are correct

    I do have to drill the rim, which I have done. I am wondering since the drop center rim effectively makes the diameter one inch less, that I would now need shorter spokes.

    I would like to have the same, original rims (and nice brass nipples) on the front and back but it seems the simplest for now is to use the Husky rim and drum brake.

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  20. MaxGlide

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    Original spokes worked!

    Thought I'd follow this up.

    I called Husky bikes and asked them to send me the same length spokes that they use on their rim with X-FD and when I went to lace the rim they were too long for cross three and too short for cross four?!

    So I gave my original spokes a try and lo and behold they fit?!

    So all that hassle for nothing.