Front DRUM Brake Rim

Anyone rocking the "Springer Fork"? How's the ride? Worth the dough? I see this bad boy is (A) black... (B) disc compatible... and (C) threaded. I think it would look pretty damn spanky on the bike to boot! What DOES worry me is... added spots of potential failure. Looks like 4 additional bolts/nuts to monitor... >sigh<

I have the chrome triple tree fork I linked to on my 4X bike, I like it. It's a sturdy fork and locates the brake caliper.
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Here you go.
Absolutely! @ismellnownlatters recent accident has highlighted the potential. There is NO ONE ... of any skill ... that can avoid eating pavement at whatever speed you're going ... if the front rim locks up for some reason. THIS has me worried... as I am relying on my skill to overcome any potential mechanical fault that I may encounter. I do NOT want to stress the "f" out every time I hit the brakes ... and I am right now with my rim brakes on Tang... and I never really stopped to some extent considering the home-made solution I've come up with.
I have that same Bayside bike and rim on my friction drive. I took it off and inspected it, and did not observe any cracks, thin spots etc. The tires and tubes that come with those bikes are a failure waiting to happen. If you run rim brakes you have to watch the pads and adjustment every ride, I had pads wear so bad, they were almost pinching the tire.
So if you are going to consider buying a set of forks to use a drum brake... why not then buy forks setup for a disc brake caliper? I am assuming the bracket is the part of the entire setup that has you questioning things. EDIT: I just noticed the forks Chainlube linked and suggested.