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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by brydonb, Jul 22, 2008.

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    I have been having a hard time with my front engine mount. I have thought up and idea here, and would like some peoples opinions on it. If I dont even use the mounts that came with the engine, (one of them on my engine is all stripped and chewed up), does anyone think that this might work? Ive included a pic that i made to try and illustrate what I mean. The red around the engine is where i was thinking of putting the clamp. Well.. now I ride my bike till the mount breaks again and then read some replies I get and do something!!


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  2. wayde

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    what's broke on your mount
  3. brydonb

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    where the stud goes into the the head. Its all chewed up and i have had it re-tapped but it is not lookin too good. Do you think my idea might work?
  4. wayde

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    i would try heli coils they work pretty good or put jb weld on the stud then thread it in and let it set for a day or so then mount your motor as normal i don't think the clamp will hold up too well and i think it'll still twist a bunch
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    I know this post is old but did you ever find a solution to your broken mount? you could custom fab a mounting bracket that attaches to the magneto cover screw on one side and the clutch cover on the other. USe some flat stock, bend and drill and use longer M6 screws, then drill the tube and run a long bolt through the middle. THose hose clamps will strip at the screw pretty easily.