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  1. KanesKustoms

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    Aloha All

    Ive just started building my bike with the 70cc kit.
    I am using a 1946 roadmaster frame CWC straight bar. I had to mount the engine a bit high because of the frame configuration and now I need to fab a motor mount for the front. Any of you guys out there can send me some photos of some custom mounts, I need some Ideas. I think the engine mounted up higher will make the bike handle better.
    Any important info will be welcome


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    hi seems like you'll fit right in...what say you go "introduce yourself" to the rest of the group? it's about the only place at MBc that the different subgenres really meet up, & one of the reasons it's forum policy :)

    and, before you ask peeps to send you pics, search for them here...there's a year's worth of custom mounts to look at.

    RATRODER Guest

    front motor mount

    Chris,hope this helps some.louis

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  4. KanesKustoms

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    Very Nice and Clean But! I dont want to do any welding on my frame.
    But this can be set up as a bolt on as well. Do you build your frames?

    RATRODER Guest

    Chris,yes I do build my frames. I have alot to learn yet.louis
  6. BoltsMissing

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    I got some ideas from here, but not from this store, went to a local automotive store and asked if I could look through their catalogue.

    The type I am using for my build is similar to this, without the metals, just plain rubber cylinder type thing so the mounting bolt goes through.
    I'll use 2 of these, one on either side of the tubing.
    You'll get get idea if you look at some of the pics.
    Base Mounts
    Flange Type (Female)
  7. cooltoy

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    Thanks boltsmissing! I was thinking about looking at auto motor mounts but your idea is fantastic. I look forward to seeing how things go for you. I would bet that this would even quiet things down as well.
    Thanks for another great idea! Gotta love this site!
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    A member of this group in the not to distant past had the same problem as you outline and solved it by making a pair of aluminum mount extensions. He posted several good photos and as I remember them they were the nicest solution to this problem I've seen. I've just spent some time using the search to try and locate the thread showing them and haven't been able to find it. Perhaps someone else will read this and have better luck.

    I found the thread,

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  9. KanesKustoms

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    Thanks Bolts
    I was Thinking of a rubber or suspention type mount. Im not sure how the engine will handle the vibration, I mean lets be honest here these engines are made in China right?
    I came up with a leaf spring type mount. I will get some photos up of this build. and let you guys see.
  10. KanesKustoms

    KanesKustoms Member

    Thanks Scully I Tried to make that mount by casting it it did not look too hot.
    Im off on this leaf spring Idea. If this one does not work out i will go back and do the machining and make the one Bean made. Thanks for your help

  11. Hollywood

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    Put in longer studs and add another motor mount like the one in the back.
  12. KanesKustoms

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    Yes I looked at that option Still its not long enoughAnyone know where I can get some 5 inch studs??
  13. Hollywood

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    Add one more mount to the back. Use back studs in front.Then go hardware store and get 4 inch studs for back. If you can't get the 4 inch studs they should have 6mm threaded rod to make the studs.
  14. mickey

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    I second the recommendation to buy some stainless threaded rod. I think that I paid 4 bucks for a 3 foot length at a local fastener shop but they can be obtained mail order.

    On my Kings "80", the cylinder studs and the mounting studs are the same dia/thread. I just cut off what I need with the dremel when something breaks. And studs do break with all the vibration from the 2 strokes.
  15. KanesKustoms

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    OK After a little research here Im finding that mounting the motor to the frame with solid mounts is probably the best way. Any kind of spring or rubber mount WILL cause the engine to break the mounting studs sooner or later. So Back to the drawing board.

    Am I having fun yet??
  16. KanesKustoms

    KanesKustoms Member

    A quick trip to the Machine shop and I have a set of 5 inch stainless steel studs
    I ordered another set of rear mounts and a few 3/4 inch spacers
    more washers, nuts, bolts,

  17. gone_fishin

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    nice catch :)

    i know i am :cool:
  18. KanesKustoms

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    1st photo


    I have a photo I took a few days ago I will get some new shots posted soon
  19. azbill

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    that is gonna be a b*tch*n ride !
    I want to see your mount
  20. Hollywood

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    After seeing your last picture im sure by adding a mount to the front and back it will work for mounting the engine.I have did it on about 10 Schwinns with the cantilever frame like you have.