Front Engine VeloSolex 3800



There used to be thousands of these in Europe, I don't know any more. I have red one. I don't know where to put the post so I put it in here. This bike is a lot of fun, and that is what this is about. I got this bike from my grandfather a million years ago. I have not run this bike for over fifteen years, I need to get it going again. I can't get a good pic of the thing so I found this youtube vid, I think you will love it. I would give anything to go on a ride like this. Have fun, Dave

PS: The girl in the yellow slicker blew a kiss at me. LOL
hey egor; my dad was a gi, we lived in italy 52-54 and japan 56-57. there were, like you say, thousands and thousands of this type everywhere. i wonderif are they in barns? mitch
I remember those. I even rode them a few times. In the early 70s they became fairly numerous in the USA. Or at least in Detroit. That's where I lived at the time.

It's a beautifully simple machine. But they're heavy for pedaling. (though that's probably an advantage for motoring). And I found front wheel drive on a bicycle kind of weird. It felt strange. Watch out when it's slippery.
Makes you wonder where all these wonderful old machines went. I think sometimes that we're having to reinvent the wheel. Too bad.
I wonder, the problem I think is that they are so small and simple that they can easily be put in the dust bin. One was left out on the docks, it got pretty bad and we threw it away. They were never all that popular around LA I don't know where my grandfather got it. I fixed it for him around 68, he gave it to me in the late 70's. I love the sound it makes, and they are almost indestructible. About five years ago they were for sale again made in Hungary I think, the first was made in Italy. The distributor for the US is in Utah I still have a catalog from him, I will look and see if he is still there. I think they were about 995.oo the last I looked. Have fun, Dave
Not a Solex but a cool way to install an engine. wonder what the drive looks like? It would be neat if something like it were made today. Have fun, Dave


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This site will help you with repairs, parts, & answer your questions. Very FIRST thing I would start with is the gas tank. Usually , engines are parked with gas in tank & it turns to nasty crud !!!!
My boss has one at the shop i think it was sold out of detroit mich still runs motor says 3800 on it they cleaned it up it looks cool not my cup of tea but nice boss said he was going to but on e bay for 1000.00 but never did i rode it two years ago didnt seem that fast but never left parking lot