Front fender alternative?

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    I am wondering if anyone has tried to make a splash guard like scooters?

    My front fender was quite forcibly removed very suddenly. Plenty of people seem familiar with this problem ha. I am still trying to think of a way to deal with mud covering my clothing by the time I get to work.

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    everyone can have basic fenders

    fenders is something i know, and it's unbelievably simple even to me still...

    those $20 planet bike fenders are so easy to use for this motorsport...4 zip-ties hold most of them on forever, one on each brace at the fork, two at top to keep it centered. just as easy to install the back one, too. they're very light & really durable & they forgive minor shocks and knocks...easy to trim around mounts or chains etc...for gebe setups we cut the rear one in half, drill a couple holes, use a couple zips'.

    every MB i've had a hand in building sports these fenders, every kind of front-end, every kind of drive-train...noone's complaining & everyone's dry.

    for the price it's worth a shot, eh?

    one thing, they're not fuel resistant so you learn to be careful about that.
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    Which fender set are you talking about.
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    Hmm looks a lot like what came stock with my bike. That one rattled off and got sucked under and flew away in a twisted heap.

    Still not too bad a price, are they pretty rigid. I did knotice my stock ones were pretty filmsy and I think that may have accelerated thier demise.
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    2nd post, link to merchandise...other "clues"...agenda?

    well, i didn't make it up, we know each other? i ask because it seems like you gunned your "china-girl" straight at me as soon as you got onboard. if that's the case, homey don't play dat no more...if not, if it's only co-inky-dink, then i resent your starting your time here by implying i don't know what i'm talking about.

    these fenders are "no good" ? i bet you're only saying so and don't really know this specific item...that's what "imo" is for. thanks for the warning, tho, because we had no idea they are "super" dangerous...i guess they'll start falling off now that you've sed something, eh?

    FACT: we've been using those fenders for 3 years, on a dozen or so different (happytime, titan, and golden eagle) bike/engine combos, and thousands of miles, including my original 3-yo set which is still in use on my latest version of sabrina-II (S-2 has at least 15k miles on her), and still as good as new, and still only-anchored with zip-ties...the only problem i ever had was spilling fuel on a rear one and not wiping it off right away, & it "hardened" & cracked. that turned out to be a good thing, because that's when we figured out to split the rear fender to go around the GEBE mount. the 2 pieces of the one that cracked are still in use, too. from direct experience i know they're good, otherwise i'd have used "IMO." fact is, the only time you see me commenting on anything any more is when i have direct knowledge. i consider chassis-integrity & safety my specialty, and i try to get that message across whenever it's on-topic. my MB's do not fall apart, and it's not because of luck.

    nope, been there done more fenders with flat-braces for me. we learned that lesson, & luckily it only cost money....we'll stick with what we know works. in an effort to help other riders, i've shared our collective direct-experience with the group...that's how we do things here.
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  7. The fenders from Planet Bike are made of polycarbonate (the plastic used to make bullet-proof glass, scratch resistant plastic eyeglass lenses, safety glasses, etc.) and the braces/brackets are stainless steel. They will flex a tremendous amount without cracking or breaking. The thin stainless steel center mounting tab is the only weak point for a motored bike (strong but vulnerable to engine induced vibration) and I use a galvanized steel 90 degree angle bracket from any hardware store to reinforce it. Zip ties used to mount fenders are surprisingly strong, cheap, and good, but will harden or deteriorate from the UV radiation in sunlight over time, so should be checked and replaced as needed.