Front Fender


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Feb 12, 2015
Attached are some pictures of a front fender I built for my bike. I am not a big fan of fenders, but thought the Monarch front springer needed something to make it look better on the bike. I started out with some reasonably heavy gauge stainless steel sheet I had laying around, and bought a cheap English Wheel to form it. After the English Wheel work, the cut-outs for the fork legs had to be cut, and the mounting holes drilled. Then it took a couple of hours of sanding and polishing to get the final finish. The mud flap is a piece of saddle leather tooled and waterproofed. I drilled and tapped the fork for the mounting bolt. I feel the shape of the stainless, and the shaped wedge I fabbed to get the mounting angle correct will make the whole thing stiff enough to keep it in place, and out of the wheel. The wedge (little black square thing in the pictures) is shaped on both sides in such a way that when it is squeezed between the top of the fender and the bottom of the fork with the mounting bolt, it positions the fender in such a way as it can’t twist from side to side.

The stainless is a bit of a pain to work with, but I like the final finish, and it won’t rust.