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    This may be a no- brainer to some ...but the frame I am buying has a 1 1/4 id head tube and I am looking at a set of forks for a 1 1/8 tube is this just getting a different head-set, do they make a shim , or wont work with those forks.


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    Chris King Devolution Headset

    1 & 1/4 in. headsets were pioneered by Gary Fisher back in the early 90's and turned out to be pretty much a solution to a problem that didn't exist. They were called Evolution Headsets. About the only area where they caught on is with Tandem Builders. Suspension Forks with 1 & 1/4 steerers are some what rare. Chris King made a headset he called the Devolution Headset that allowed you to use 1 & 1/8th steerer in a bike with a 1 & 1/4 head tube. King headsets are probably the finest headset made and you pay a preimum to buy them but they are the last headset you will ever need for your bike. The headset will cost as much or more than most folks spend for their bikes.

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    chainmaker, you may be in luck. i'm cleaning house and have this rock-shox fork with a threaded 1 1/4" steertube. the threads allow for a (approx) 3.25-4.5 headtube. if you have access to fabrication, it can be extended in the middle for threaded or extended on the end for threadless. excellent condition, complete except for one bearing. it's looking for a good home CHEAP...if you think you might could use this, let me know :)

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    Might want to consider using a more descriptive topic also.

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    a lot of that goes on in the garage, your point is valid imo...i usually give everything a quick glance tho.

    guess he changed his mind or isn't interested in the fork. i never found anything to use this on, i'll just pass it on locally & someone will make something around it. when i saw the question i thought wow perfect...all i want is what i have in it, which is nothing + shipping. gotta pay it forward, eh? i tried :cool:
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    Sorry I didnt get back about the forks..I would definitely be interested in them. Let me know what you want for them I live in zip 02360.
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    chainmaker, email me (in my signature) your contact info & i'll get back with you when i can.