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    I want to ask you guys that have more Experience w/ bikes than I do, if a fork with a spring shock is worth putting on. Is it worth the extra weight or would my non-shock fork work fine? Will i really see a big difference. I plan on using gel grips to help with vibration. Just wondering what you guys think on this subject. I'm sure the question has been asked before but I haven't had any success finding an answer to it.


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    When I got the Trek comfort bike, with front suspension, it made the 11 mile commute MUCH less tiring. Even with good grips, you get jarring up through your arms, up to the shoulders. And, by soaking up half the bumps, it helps the suspension seat post work better as well.

    Result: Less tired in arms & shoulders, and, as a bonus, back doesn't hurt as much after a long ride...
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    I have a late model Schwinn Suburban with front shocks, spring loaded seat post, factory issue spring seat, and I did put gel grips on it. I had not ridden a bike in about 5 years until I put a motor on mine about 2 months ago. The first week I had it, I did a 15 mile trip. I thought later, Gee, I'm not even sore now that I think about it. I also have a 28 year old Schwinn Continental. No springs anywhere at all. A world of difference between those 2 bikes. It would be very hard for me buy a new bike without front shocks. It did take me a little while to get used to the front shock. It still catches me off guard every now and then when braking hard. It will nose dive just a tad. Expected ! Nothing in the danger zone thogh. I can't speak for bikes with shocks on both front and rear, but I definitely have to have springs on the front.
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