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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by StoreKeeper, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. StoreKeeper

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    I just got a 26 in Schwinn Beach Cruiser Mortorized Bike and I would like to put front forks that have a cushion feel to them as the ride is pretty jarring.

    Any recommendations / Pictures or where to get them in San Diego,CA?

    Thanks in advance

    Rx Bruce

  2. Whizzerd

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    A couple of options are available. Springer type fork. The Sunlite is decent and around $60.00 at your bike shop or online. Mountain bike shock forks are nice especially if you already have front v-brakes. Keep in mind you must determine your steerer tube length and diameter when shopping for either. VeniceBikeWorks sells a great looking Monarch style front fork. I won't build a bike w/o shock forks or front brake.
  3. poo poo pipe

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    I would have to agree with whizzerd,I bought a springer off E-bay from for around $30 plus shiping it looks real good but flexes side to side in hard turns, spend a little more on get quality.
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