Front friction drive kit Solex style

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by moondog, Oct 14, 2009.

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    Looks pretty interesting, although I don't trust the vendor based on reports here.

    I had a lot of fun riding a beat up solex on trails, spent many an afternoon after school racing around the woods.
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    I was checking out the same kit but can't afford to be burned again by BGF, especially for $199.99. At least he's advertising 30 day warranties on some of his kits now. Ooops... looks like NO WARRANTY on this particular kit. I love his current disclaimer: "Due to low sale price on eBay auctions ALL SALES ARE FINAL with no warranty after installation. But I guaranty you'll receive the kit new in factory sealed box."
    Sigh.... too bad... this kit does look pretty interesting...
  4. Esteban

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    Yep, that's pretty much a copy of a Solex. China has made & sold a complete Solex copy moped in the past. Good luch getting any info, parts , service, warranty, on it !
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    speak there language

    I bet I could do alot better if I could speak there language......Tom
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    Yes, that looks like a chinese knock off of the famous Solex engine. I've built a front wheel drive bike using a genuine Solex engine and they work fantastic. You won't go faster than 22 mph (after break in), so if speed is your deal, look for something else. Solex engines turn 2,500 rpm or so, flat out. If you can find a Solex bike with a good engine, you can remove the engine and build yourself some mounting brackets to attach it to your bikes front forks. BTW, Solex friction rollers are the best I've ever used; you'll experience very little tire wear.

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    so ordering from BGF is a bad thing cause i was just about to order one of those fake solex kits for the **** of it for my old columbia i just got

    the only other person selling them on ebay wants $350 for them thats way too much