Front Motor Mount for HUFFY Mt Bike

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    Front Motor Mounts seem to be a problem, I wound up brazing the
    mount plate after fixing in place with a sheetmetal screw into a hole
    drilled in frame. Since I brazed all the way around, I'm not too worried
    about cracking, the Huffy is made of a mild, malible steel, which takes
    braze beautifully. I plan to use studs, and coupler nuts to add a second
    brace, should the weld fail. This setup would include some vibration dampening. The mount for the Grubee Skyhawk is a mousetrap when
    you get the studs to clear the * fat * frame tube, they are out of plumb with
    the engine casting. I thought of bashing in the tube, to clear mount,
    building a press to indent the downtube , or my current train of thought,
    brazing. The supplied chain idler was a big dissapointment, I'm thinking
    of using a motorcycle Cam Chain tensionizer, wish I could go back 20 years
    to ' The Den of Thieves ' Motorcycle Salvage [ not their real name, everyone called them that ] and pick through the numerous pails of engine
    parts. I've been inspired more than once doing that.

    I'll send some photos, when parts are here.
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    or, you could have saved yourself a ton of work and bought an engine kit with the big front engine mount.
    the engines with the big front mount are especially made for bikes with oversized front down tubes.