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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by wes, May 22, 2007.

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  1. wes

    wes Guest

    first bike, bianchi single w/ disc. added the 5 gal bucket for haulin and it balanced the engine wt nicely. got tired of the ring moving about, so went to another system, but clamping on each spoke is mentioned here and that sound like the perfect fix for the problem. w.



  2. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    Me no like, too much weight on the front end=slow steering and the noise/exhaust in the face. How is that livable? :?
    Drilling a hole in the front forks? YIKES! :shock:

    I like the bike but the seat post does seem a bit long.
  3. spunout

    spunout Member

    There's that old saying, "Nobody likes to be told their baby's ugly." :/

    i think its an interesting set-up 8) , and if it works for you, thats all that matters :wink: :mrgreen:
  4. JosephGarcia

    JosephGarcia Guest

    Nice! Two water bottle holders. I thought I was the only one who did that on my old bicycle... Well... I actually have 4, two more specially mounted to the top and on the seatpost.

    Anyways, if it gets you around that's all that matters. Sooner or later you will want to build a new bike with some style. :grin:
  5. wes

    wes Guest

    bicycles or motorcycles

    :???: hmmm. i'm getting the distinct feeling that many posters here don't actually ride bicycles for excercise and wish their bikes to be a type of motorcycle. the seatpost extension is anatomically correct for my leg length and cleated shoe for proper and efficient cycling. having competed for years in events and spent thousands of hours in the saddle on NONmotorized bicycles, a motorized bike is just to get me home faster after working a 12h shift 18 miles from home. if the seat is very low, i could not assist properly. the 25cc zenoah with the muffler you see is so quiet it is no bother at all and a 50:1 synthetic oil mix you can only smell in a enclosed space and cannot even see! all these 2stroke chinese engines are extremely polluting, and that is not my opinion, that is a fact! just watch the blue smoke pour!! i bought one and felt too guilty to run it. the bike handles better with wt. in the front. ever notice how touring cyclist are loaded heavier in the front?? having a light front end makes the steering unstable. look closer; there is no holes in the fork, are you kidding?? it's only clamps. the engine mounts are mounted to the fork blades with a very small allen bolt and the quck release mech. any other comments will be pm'd. w.
  6. JosephGarcia

    JosephGarcia Guest

    Re: bicycles or motorcycles

    I knew why the seat was so high, I also rode bicycles for excercise. And the feeling you have is correct. This forum is not about standard bicycles, that's why we are We rarely pedal our bikes, if only to get them started. Mine doesn't even have pedals. Plus, our chinese 2 strokes rarely, if ever, smoke with the new modern oil.

    We (or least I) Respect your views about riding a bike for excercise and use the motor as it should be, a pedal assist. But most of us don't. Our seats are low, our pedals don't drive the bikes, and we get along just fine.

    No ones trying to put you down, but if you look at the Gallery and the pictures of other members bikes, you can see why we're not so accustomed to seeing bicycles like yours.
  7. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i also knew about why the seat's like it is...i have mine setup for easy pedaling, too, as part of the intended final appearance of my motor-assisted-bicycle.

    i may try hard to not ever have to pedal, but i'm no stranger to foot power, having ridden for years (some pretty technical stuff on missouri trails, too) before motorizing. yesterday, i pedaled 6 miles with quay's fiance, they're still waiting for delivery of their 70, but that wasn't gonna stop us from enjoying the beach, which we did in fine style.

    i like all the bikes here as individual statements and diverse examples of where this "hobby" can take you. i've never seen a negative reply inside "picture gallery-show off your bike" before, not in over 100 galleries...i hope i never see another one. pic galleries are personal threads where members share their bikes with the community, & the perfect place to keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything nice to say. there are other more appropriate places at MBc to discuss/debate style & method.

    so, wes, "one" is not "many"...opinions vary, yes, but respect for individual style is a constant at MBc.

    sincerely...if you like your motoredbike, then i like your motoredbike. specifically, i like how you mixed a bit of boardtracker in there...thanks for showing her off 8)
  8. Bill Snow

    Bill Snow Guest

    Joseph Is right, a bike setup for your particular interest is just fine. That is what also adds interest for me. Ol' Pete is is probably just that, like me, old ( don't know what happened??? I woke up one morning and I was REALLY old ). Sometimes we see thing a little different and it seems Pete was thinking about safety just as I was, but you explained it away very well and set us straight.

    One of the first posts I put on this forum was was ripped apart by a very rude person who stated more than he really knew. Those things are going to happen. It seems, one for the hardest chores is getting along with each other. My wife of 50 years can tell you that, I mean she can really tell you that. I can't tell you how many times I have put my foot in my mouth and have been straightened in no uncertain terms.

    This is a good forum, Many of us respect the effort being made to keep it going and interesting.
  9. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    hey, i can misinterpret & overreact with the best of 'em :p :p

    i'm sure no harm or offense was intended :)

    i happened to be on the phone with rif (uncle_punk) when i first saw wes's bike...he quickly assured me that front racks are surprisingly stable & that the "pull" of front-drive is a different ride, but that it's great for a commuter situation. i'd wager the front disc is a big plus, too 8)
  10. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    Lord have mercy! I did not say the baby was fugly. :smile:

    I can see now that the forks were not drilled...OK.
    Yes, loading up the front end is very important and hard to do with most single track vehicals of short wheel base.
    I have riden bicycles as well as motorcycles most of my life but never considered myself a cyclist. A 50 mile day on a pedal bike was always a long day for me. :grin:
    Most of the bicycles I've owned were NOT small framed, so I never needed a long seat post. I was told long seat posts can work the frame hard because of the leverage they offer.
    Small frames also dictate an extended steering stem for a tall rider to stretch out.

    I'm a very good mechanic and look at the world with a wrench turners eyes. :cool: No harm was or is meant.
  11. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    you tall, too, Pete? i'm 6'5", i know all about using funky seatposts & stems...this me on a 22" tall frame:


    wes, you have a pic of you on the bike? how tall are you? where/when do you normally ride?
  12. Torques

    Torques Guest

    It is very unique, thanks for sharing your machine.
  13. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    I'm only 6' with a 35" inseam and long arms. I used to look well at 210# but quit smoking a year ago (I started cee-gars after quiting all smoking for 13 years..that lasted 5 years) and bounced up to 250#. In the last three months of riding again my weight is now 238#. At 210 I'll be happy about it.

    You are stretched out @ 6'5" and looking good. I got the gray beard going on, just like you.
  14. lennyharp

    lennyharp Member

    I love the bike and style is a strong point for it. Function is certainly good also as you would not ride withe that positioning if you had not developed great strength and skill on a bike. I learned early on that a 55% rear to 45% front distribution was desirable especially when handling in anything that might wash out or let you slide. Learned it from my front wheel washing out with not enough weight on it. I also learned to like a small frame from hitting my **** on the bar when I hopped of my mountain bike in rough terrain.
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  15. NunyaBidness

    NunyaBidness Member

    haha that's why I shave, just so I don't have a gray beard
    about that bike..when I first saw it I wanted to put a rack on the back to carry stuff, long distances, while I was assisting the motor lol

    while it is not my style of motor bike, I do admire it while wondering how I could use that to make me a 2 wheel drive motor bike:cool:
  16. softride

    softride Member


    Thats way cool its good that there is variety of styles and types

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  17. Zev0

    Zev0 Member

    I would think that the centrifical force of the drive train on the front wheel would make it difficult to steer. Especially in a panic moment.
  18. mark2yahu

    mark2yahu Member

    Wes, you've given me some ideas. I see that you've used some sort of clamp for the horizontal bar, and that your forks cleared the GEBE drive wheel. How wide is that fork's gap anyway? I wish I could compare it to my fork's gap. i'm gonna do some measuring.

    From personal experience, the heavier front is no factor in handling....It's actual less mass up front than the rider who's mostly over the rear wheel anyway.

    Thanks for sharing :)
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  19. Email

    Email Member

    Eager to motorize and I'm searching the MB for front wheel engines (specifically GEBE). How well does it handle Wes? And like you I'm enjoy pedaling. I am looking for a family ride. I have a tandem on order, a trailer bike that attaches to a moose rack on the back, etc, so I have to go with a front mount engine. Any info you can give will help me with my build and purchase decisions. Thanks!
  20. flailer

    flailer New Member

    i'm really diggin this ride!!

    One could haul "major" *** on that fully functional machine.

    And with the weight distribution ; i'm sure it corners like a pro.
    No issue, whatsoever, with losing momentum, i imagine.

    Disks must be required standard hardware, what wiff the speed-demon mentally.

    Rip it up......... Dood!