front mount gebe

first bike, bianchi single w/ disc. added the 5 gal bucket for haulin and it balanced the engine wt nicely. got tired of the ring moving about, so went to another system, but clamping on each spoke is mentioned here and that sound like the perfect fix for the problem. w.




WeZ, im lovin the bike. an im totaly on you side when using the motor as an assist.

and after riding my newest ride a rs35 on the front wheel the handeling was good!! round corners and down hill at the same time 45mph. veryyy!! scary. but bike was ok. which reminds me. must fix brakes.:)


May 1, 2008
Your front drive Gebe pics sparked me to build my latest creation which today I finally posted some pics of.
I see you've done a few different bikes using Rear rack, In-frame & Front. My question is of the 3 which did u like most & felt was most practical for your type of cycling?
I too am an avid cyclist who enjoys pedalling as much as motoring...
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For pure functionality, the front-gas-engine layout is the best one for a gas-engine bicycle, IMO. Problem is, nobody out there does a kit just right.

The GEBE and the Staton kits both share the same problem--in that they take up the main place that it's convenient to carry cargo. What I've thought would be better would be a front-mount chain-drive engine setup with the chain on the right side of the wheel.

There would be a few advantages to this setup that no current gas kit offers-
.....This would mean that you could use a rear wheel (w/freewheel) on the front. When the engine was shut off or you were coasting down a hill, there would be NO drag from the engine at all, because the engine's drive-sprocket would just spin on the freewheel.
.....The engine could have a pull-start cord, and it would be easy to start while you were riding.
.....And finally, the engine wouldn't take up the rear rack space, leaving your bike's most-convenient cargo capacity for that use.

You would need a special fork to do this--but then again, a fork is an easy part to change on a bicycle, and so this engine kit could be made to very easily fit on a wide variety of bicycles. When putting this kit on a bike, you'd never have engine/frame fit problems, or chain/belt rub or idler problems. All that stuff would be built into the special fork, properly engineered.

The GEBE and Staton can be built on the front end of a bicycle, it's certainly been done more than a few times. The engine-drag-when-off problem is still there though, and the engine's controls and exhaust aren't really oriented well for that use however.


Aug 3, 2009
Personally I like the engine in the frame myself, it has that motorcycle appearance, but if that works for you then that's all that matters. But of course at 5'7", I would be pedaling the air on that Cool machine big man!