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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by stoppit, May 17, 2009.

  1. stoppit

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    I need a recommendation for a good sturdy front mountable rack (preferably black). No front suspension on bike, so no worries about anything specialized. Would need to support 10~20 pounds of batteries. Is for 26" wheels with flame tread fatties (2.125").
    Much thanks in advance.

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    I've always had a front basket on my motorized bicycles.

    I've even carried heavy batteries up front. With a non-suspended fork, everything flies out on a regular road trek.

    With heavy batteries, the bottom support legs will bend, or break at the fork.:ack2:

    Once you install a suspension fork, everything stays in the basket, and the ride is smooth.:detective:
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  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    :idea:I got an idea!

    Use the basket designed for suspension fork, even though yours is non-suspended. The bottom support is velcro-taped onto your frame headpost.

    The basket's contents will still bounce all over, but at least your bottom support legs won't bend or break.:detective:
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    Wald "Heavy Duty" delivery basket implies strong legs, mine has thousands of miles, not one sign of stress on my "non-suspension" forks. I've mounted mine to the forks, cut off the axle mount holes at the very bottom of the legs.

    I have seen black rubber "egg carton" packaging, similar to the foam type used for sleeping mats, which could be layered at the bottom of the basket and act as a shock absorber.

    Or a vinyl or rubber sandwich, with bubble wrap in the center, would get the same effect. A thin bean bag full of foam peanuts might work. Even styrafoam confetti could be made from egg cartons, to lift the batteries off the bottom of the basket.

    Lawn mowers use the strong black rubber bungie cords to hold the battery in place, and 3-4 of those stronger type could hold the batteries down.

    Longer bolts could be substituted on the bottom of the basket, where it attaches to the legs, and rubber washers could eliminate some of the bounce.Those are ways to do it for the least amount of $$$.

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  7. stoppit

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    I'm liking the CETMA racks. They're definitely sturdy looking. Anybody ever bought one? I'd like to hear from someone who's used one of these deals.
  8. Happy Valley

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    I have not but I handled them and talked to the makers at a frame makers show I attended and can attest that they are extremely well made albeit a bit pricey.

    Actually quite a few custom frame makers make racks as well, goes with their trade.

    I came across this and don't know anything about them but they are Made in the USA.