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Jun 19, 2008
For anyone interested in additional storage, look into this setup from Nashbar.
It's small, lightweight and for its size holds quite a bit. For me it got about 10lbs. of weight off the rear wheel and distributed it to the front. The only downside I've noticed so far is with the extra weight on the front wheel, it wants to flop over when parked. Hasn't been a big deal though. For both pieces-$32.50 US shipped (timely too,<1wk). Well thought out and practical setup. Waterproof too.
May not be for everyone. It mounts to the bosses for the C Brake and then for extra stability to the fork crown reflector/fender mount. Does not interfere with the brakes AT ALL! Even worked on my suspension fork.


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No! Like this.
I like that front bag. Wonder if it would interfere with my springer fork.
Should be perfect for MOOP2 though.


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I wanted to put one of those on originally. Heard some 'ify' things about them so I didn't. Then at the time ALL of the weight of my engine was on the rear left so the second stand made more sense. Been working fine. I have a right side basket on the back too that I put my back pack in. Maybe now that things are more balanced I'll give one of those stands a go. I know kawasaki999 has 'em on all his bikes and they work great.
Oh well...nickel and dime...nickel and dime!