front springer fork for Schwinn

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by miketaco, May 4, 2015.

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  2. butre

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    that bike has a 1 inch threaded headset and needs a fork with a steerer tube to match you want the type 1. you can also get disc brake adapters for it if you ever want to stop the thing properly.
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    those things look good but they break easily. forks are one of those things you shouldn't skimp on, especially on a motorized bicycle.
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    yea i know and understand but this bike is just a cruiser the bike it self is a cheapy those forks cost more than my bike bro i just wanted to see if i can get a more vintage style look not hd quality they look nice tho

    and im not trying to be rude or anything i just cant afford stuff like that for now.. like i said just a cruiser and always thank you for the input
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    if you can't afford good forks, you should stick with the ones you've got.
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    damn the price for lookin good ...guess i should invest in a helmet with those forks xD
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    What breaks, exactly?
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    they tend to cave in on themselves. the original schwinn ones are fine, the reproduction ones are a deathtrap. they're just not built to handle the extra weight and speed a motorized bicycle is subjected to
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    No, not true in all cases, it just depends if you buy a cheap Chinese one, compared to a forged steel, or aluminum one, I would not judge all of them, as you said my 69 Panther II one is fine
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    I just bought a Schwinn that came with a springer fork. Will keep an I on it and see how it holds up. Just recevied it yesterday put it together but have not installed the motor kit yet.