Sprockets Front sprocket diagram needed



I am in need of a diagram / picture to show how the front sprocket setup is supposed to fit on, ive looked at the diagram on grubeeinc but i cant see it very weel so a picture would be good if anyone has the time thanx!

Also does anyone know where to purchase the front sprocket setup from?
could anyone spare 10 minutes jsut to take the plate off and sprocket and show me what components there is? would be geatly appreciated.
Is this it?

Hey there,
Not sure this is what you are lookin for, but here is my engine minus the cover over the drive sprocket. If you mean something else, let me know.

ye thats great! thankyou. i have the shaft, the sprocket and the nut, is there any other things i need? also what is the notch for in the sprocket? and do i need a washer under the nut to hold the sprocket down?
sorry to be a pain but i want to ride :cool:

Hey There,
Glad the pic helped. Fraid I don't know about the other questions, but I know someone will be able to help. I've never taken mine off.
did you leave the gear pin and ball bearing in when you took off your sproket? i have done the samething you have so ask away.
yes as in the pic, the clutch pin and ballbearing are still down there, the only parts are the sprocket, and the nut, is anything else supposed to go on the axle? i still dont understand what the notch is for on the sprocket and driveshaft.
the notch that you see is for a wood drift key, it basicly locks the sproket onto the shaft, my next question, does your pin push back or not? l have seen people take off the sproket without pulling the gear pin first and this will ruin the clutch. it sounds like you may have done the same thing.......l hope not