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    Ok seriously I probably searched 40 different combinations of words and looked threw at least 60 threads to just find out how many teeth are on the front sprocket on the 70cc/80cc HT motor.

    Saddly I could not find that information out.. Can anyone tell me how many teeth it has? also do all normal HT kits come with a 44t rear sprocket?

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    If you are talking about the left side sprocket that drives the rear sprocket on the wheel it is a 10 tooth.
  3. Hi,

    Most kits seem to come with the 44T rear sprocket although I have seen some with a 48T rear sprocket.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Yep thats what I needed, thanks :)

    Yep that definitely helps thanks :)

    Does anyone know about how much top speed I would gain when I take 2 teeth away from the rear sprocket?
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    You probably wont notice a change with only 2 teeth. Even if you start with a 44 tooth and then take away 4 teeth, that is approximately 10%, then theoretically you would go 10% faster. Ten percent of 26mph is 2.6 mph so.... 29mph would be your new top speed. Still not much faster.

    Now 44 tooth down to a 36 tooth (~ 18% faster ) or a 32 tooth (~ 27% faster ) there you will notice a difference.

    But everything has its disadvantages.

    Hope that helps.

    Somewhere on here is a gear ratio/ top speed calculator. Search -> Calculator
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    ah, well I have a really nice 39 tooth anodized sprocket, that I was thinking about using.

    That calculator will be really useful... I wish I had known about it earlier, I was doing it on paper before :p
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    39 is still better than 44 teeth. Throw that puppy on there.