front suspension forks

thanks esteban,i could have done with your forks maybe a week before i went on a shopping spree and it took the third attempt for me to get it right.

I am posting this to see if anyone is interested in forks otherwise i will just hold on to them for future builds.

The first fork is a decent entry level by rockshox dart 2, opened the box and whoops wrong size steerer its 1 1/8, i needed the 1 inch. I will sell this for $70 + shipping. (shipping too me cost $30) but i am sure i could get it out for less than that.

The second fork was the 1 inch but the steerer was too short, its not as good of quality as the rockshox, but its looks well made and should hold up for most peoples needs, just dont go off roading... I could part with this for $20. I also have a brand new ritchie 1 inch headset for $8 to fit this fork (cost $15 new)

shipping for this fork, i would have to find out but i think it only cost $5,

payment can be made by paypal.
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