Wheels Front Wheel is Angled



Hey all,

I recently bought an old schwinn cruiser. Its engine arrives on Wednesday. This weekend I was fixing it up, added new brakes, cleaned it, lubed the chain, etc.. However, I noticed a problem with the front wheel.

If I stand over the bike, and look down at the front wheel, there is a line formed by the front fork going left/right. My wheel jets off at a strange angle (not 90deg) from the front fork. Now, the wheel spins true, I see very little wobble. So I'm confused. I bought a new fork, and the problem remains.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
Ok, so the axle bolt is bent eh? :( That means I need a new wheel?

Thank you for your quick responses! Very helpful.
Ok --

The axle was not bent, it turns out that the front fork was bent. I took a crescent wrench, bent it left and right, until I got the front wheel (almost) perfect. -- Thanks for the help.

Hopefully I'll finish mounting this thing over the weekend and then I can start working on getting some nice regulated power out of the engine :)