frying my mag?



here goes. i accidently spilt super glue drop on my kill switch. so i got a push button switch, 1 click on. click again off click=push and i cut the wires going to the stock switch, and hooked it to my button. ande the engine runs.starts either way, on/off. am i missing somthing? and is leaving it in the on position frying my mag? thanks. if this has beeen covered please tell me where to look.
If it's a DPDT switch, make sure you have one of the wires going to the common ground.
The best thing to do is to get a multimeter and make sure the connection is actually being made and broken when you work the switch.
thanks for the info, il have my dad help me, he works on this sorts stuff for a living (heating n air guy) lots of eletric stuff. i might go and buy a kill button from ebay, (made for these bikes) but for now, i will just unhook all the wires, and go and just choke it.