FS 2 bikes 1 is motored $250

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    Well It's come time for me to get my License back here in January So I no longer need my motorized Bicycle

    here's some info about it
    80cc Power king engine kit
    44t sprocket
    has about 60 miles on it.
    2008 huffy cranbrook bicycle. No Fenders, needs back wheel straightend....the front fender vibrated and and wrapped around the wheel, i flipped over the handle bars and bent the back wheel, so now it's not rideable

    the engine is alright, the pedel rubbed on a cover and scrapped it, but that cover is $6 to order.

    No damage was done to the frame. I was going to get the wheel fixed but the shop is closed til the 5th and I dont feel like fixing it. I just want it sold
    250obo call 727 534 4675 Darick

    **UPDATE** today I switched ther motor and everything over to a 24" mountain bike frame, bike just needs a master link

    BOTH BIKES $250 for everything i'm gettin my license back soon and no longer need it....I am not done with the motorbike community but I am selling my main bike
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