FS: Board Track Style Schwinn Cruiser - Custom Build

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    This has been a labor of love for me. I spent over 30 hours in labor, and over 1500 dollars in parts building it, not including the cost of the bike itself.

    Everything is either custom made by me or the best part money could buy.

    Lets Start:

    It started its life as a Schwinn Phantom. I took it apart and had the frame and fenders(not pictured but I have them) powdercoated a vintage white. Bought brand new black high quality cruiser rims. Wrapped those rims with Maxxis 26x2.5 Hookworms (resemble motor bike tires) Original Springer front shocks. Custom Layback seatpost welded to resemble the lay down style of board track racers.This build was entirely well thought out. It has a fit and finish of factory built machine.

    RAW 80CC 2 Stroke Engine (Port and Polish) Mounted the lowest I have seen!!!
    Red Anodized Air Filter
    Custom built Expansion Chamber Exhaust (sounds killer - real throaty with out being loud) Huge performance upgrade!!
    1/4 Turn Red Anodized Throttle
    MSD Ignition Wire and Spark Plug Inlet
    Red anodized Grips
    22T Chain wheel and 3 PC Crank
    Custom Built Gas Tank Mount
    Custom Gas Tank
    Custom billet Rear Sprocket and Hub Adapter (pretty sure you cant get these anymore- correct me if I am wrong)

    There is more I am missing but look at the pix

    I am willing to part out but it would have to be a package that left me with a bike which would include:
    Motor (port n polish)
    Custom Exhaust
    Gas Tank
    Custom Lay back seat post / gas tank mount
    gas tank
    crank and chain wheel
    sprocket and hub adapter
    1/4 turn throttle
    msd ignition parts
    chain tensioner
    -and potentially wheels and tires

    PM for price on that (its gonna be in the neighborhood of 450 w/o wheels)

    I also have everything that came with bike kit that I didnt use.

    The entire bike is theme built to be a new take on the old board track racers . Everything is either powdercoated vintage white,painted gloss black, chromed or red anodized.

    The theme and finish of the bike is really consistent.

    Less than 20 miles on the bike!!!! Rides like a dream Very Fast!

    I love this bike, its a serious build, but I need the space. I will likely continue to build bikes in the future because its fun, but I doubt I will keep any until storage is freed up.

    700 - im in new orleans, la

    I'll drive up to one hour out to meet