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    I really need the space, so I have to sell my bike. The bike itself is a 2005 Specialized hardrock sport. I bought the bike new, and used it (as a regular bike) for about 30-45 minutes. I don't think I put a scratch on it. The bike cost approx $350 - $400.

    The kit is a staton, with a robin japanese motor. Its been a long time since I put this together, so this is the most about it i can remember lol. I painted engine cover black to match the rest of the bike. Its got a suspension seatpost, and a suspension seat of some kind. I beleive it's a cloud nine seat, it looked comfortable and the logo matched the bike perfect. Good looks were a high priority when i put it together, but I realize thats subjective. I had some kind of extra heavy duty thorn resistant tubes installed, as well as a plastic rim guard thing in side the tire (i know that sounds stupid, i dont know what its called). Two new tires installed at same time, the are schwalbe big apple tires. Its got the moped-style kickstand, a kawasaki kill switch i ordered from dennis kirk, an extended-run plastic tank from staton (hard to get at the time), twist throttle, and my wires are all siliconed, shrinkwrapped, and perfectly guided with brackets etc. Also used rubber in between mounts to help dampen vibration. Some people think im OCD.

    I never started the motor, put gas in it, or anything. Im serious. Some people may find this difficult to beleive but I assure you it's true. I resisted. The motor's manual said to pull lightly on the start cord untill you feel resistance, and store in this position. This is exactly what was done. Bike is in Silver Springs, FL. Asking $750

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    Reduced to $700

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    what size hardrock frame is that?
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    It's an XL

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    Bikeguy put it on craigslist too and be patient with spring coming up youll sell it. It seems at 625$ youll be losing alot......good luck with such a nice MAB!
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    Dropped to $600

    One last chance. An absolutely beautiful bike as seen in pics. A virgin too, never gassed or started up. Put together with great care and detail.
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    Taking it to the dump today. What an incredible waste of money.
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    Have you checked your personal messages? I didn't get a response from you...
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    I dont believe a sane person would take a bike that cost them over $700 to the dump. heck Im game for the staton setup and I will pay the postage and a bike shop to pack and ship it. Donate the bike to Goodwill.
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    You can sell it much easier by stripping it apart and listing the bike as a normal bike, then the engine and parts for sale on here. That way it's possible to ship the parts, a lot easier than a complete bike.

    It's too bad, but there really is no market for used motorized bikes. I tried selling my 25mph 10 mile range single speed electric road bike I built, and it was worth more WITHOUT the motor and parts. I had to part it all out.

    Hopefully you didn't throw it away. :icon_cry: