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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by veloman, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. veloman

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    I attempted to build up an electric bike, but this is proving to be too difficult. I don't have the machining/tool capabilities, and parts are very hard to find what I need. So I'm offering up all my parts if anyone is interested.

    I have 2 motors (24v), one 350w, one 600w with matching controller and twist throttle,
    2 - 12v 17ah Zues SLA batteries,
    24v 1.4amp charger

    then I got some small stuff like a belt gear, and some 10g wiring

    PM me if interested, everything is unused. I've got about $250 invested in all these parts, so make me an offer.

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  2. kjparker

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    Where are you?
  3. veloman

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    Central CT
  4. ozzyu812

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    Don't just give up

    Ask for help. There are people to willing to help.
    What do you have and what's the problem?
  5. veloman

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    Well, I need a belt drivetrain, preferably one with a freewheel cog on the motor. I have no idea where I can get the right belt/cog combo. I was going to use a 20" bike rim as the back sprocket. I was using this site for ideas,
  6. Email

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    Thanks for the link, it was a very nice read. I liked what info he had on batteries. The AGM's that I could find on Interstate Batteries were: LINK

    The lightest of which weighted 27lbs though.

    I wish I could find some more info on the U4HN (24V Battery, 28-lb, 28Ahr, L10.25 W5.25 H9.00). Must be a non-sealed battery (lead acid)?
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  7. veloman

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    Well I have 34ah total, 24v, and total weight of batteries of 25lbs. Got them off ebay, not a bad deal for around $60.
  8. ozzyu812

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    How about using a gebe ring and mount like this: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=11367
    Do you have the same motor and batteries as the pelzer bike?
    If I recall from your intro you have a recumbent/velo? Could you post some pics of what you have and how far you've gotten?
  9. veloman

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    The motor I have is different, only 600watts. Batteries are very simular. That was another problem, mounting the batteries.

    I looked at that guys rc motor recumbent, he did an amazing job building all those parts. I have no where near that capability though.

    I haven't really done much yet, was going to put the motor on an old mtn bike.