FS Gearbox to fit Honda GX31 or similar engine.

This is a 5/1 reduction gearbox that fits a Honda GX31 engine or other engines with a similar mount. Ball and needle bearings, oil filled, 3 shaft. 10 tooth sprocket for #35 chain. I used this briefly on a small scoooter project. Probably has about 2 hours total use. This gearbox is used on Viza scooters.

The engine mounts to the gearbox and the gearbox mounts to the frame. In other words the gearbox is made to support the engine.

$40 plus actual shipping costs from Oregon.

Here are a few pic links.


That is nice *gears turing in head*.

No need at this time. Three shaft means the output turns as the engine...Right?
That does use a large clutch, does it not?..70+mm, not going to look it up. The small clutch is 50+mm.

It would be nice if a marked ruler was in the pics to give an idea of dimention. It is kinda compact, much more so than a Staton box....Mmmm. This fall maybe. Too many irons in the fire.
Yes, that's right. There are evidently 2 standard sizes of clutch used on "weedwacker" type engines. This is for the larger type that the GX31 and other engines use. BTW you can order a sprocket to fit HD BMX bicycle size (410?) chain, like that used on the Chinese engines.

And yes the sprocket turns the same direction as the input.