FS: (SOLD) Huffy-USA "Chesapeake" 3-Spd StepThru w/GEBE R/S-EHO35

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    This is a suprisingly elegant MB...a combination that offers hundreds of low-maintenance miles.

    For model-reference: http://www.socalbicycles.com/HuffyChesp.htm

    The bicycle is very clean, "candied" maroon with gold-pinning, some minor dings, complete with all the original numbered parts...there is a lot of "Made In USA" quality in this build.


    Lee Chi center-pull front brake.

    SelleRoyal gel saddle.

    Airless Tires...low mileage, like new.

    New Golden Eagle Drivetrain with Robin Subaru EHO35 4-stroke.

    The ride is an easy one, she just skitters down the asphalt & is very nimble...the front brake (new cable & pads) is a good one & very effective on the steel rim. The internal 3-spd Shimano coaster is flawless, and providing you shift properly, we expect no problems from the engine-assist.

    Engine & kit, factory warranty:

    Bicycle, 30 day warranty.

    Local Pickup Preferred, Shipping Considered.


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    Did you sell your bike?
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    no, it's not sold.
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