FS: Tanaka 32cc powerpipe

I have a Tanaka Powerpipe that I am not using.

It is in perfect condition other than the bracket being bent to fit my GEBE setup, It can easily be bent back. It also includes the adapter to bolt the stock muffler to the end of the pipe. Both the pipe and silencer are included, the pipe is near new.
The performance gain is amazing it is just to loud for the area I live in....

If interested I can take pictures....

Make me an offer,

My pipe for the Tanaka 32cc engine is actually quieter and smoother than the standard exhaust - the only thing about it is its a little cracklier than before.

Which pipe did you get? the goped one or the go-cart one with the secondary silencer?

Jemma xx
I got the whole Tanaka Performance pack for the Tanaka 32cc, It included the carburetor and the pipe with silencer and adapter for fitting the stock muffler to end of silencer.

Even with the silencer after expansion pipe it was a little too loud for the commute I do, with the stock muffler fitted it was very quiet and still provided impressive power gains but the pipe made my motor stand out way too much:cry: ..

I commute about 10 mi each way to work along a bike path that runs along the main street for the most part. I try to keep a low profile, I will usually Idle and peddle as I pass people and if someone is walking a dog I will turn off my motor. I have had police pass me and a few times even nod, but I couldnt see that happening if I had my huge shiny tuned pipe surrounding my motor:eek: ....I guess I just don't want to press my luck....