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    Now, ive read this thread

    and the 'reading your sparkplug' bit and had a bit of a look, mine looks along the lines of this


    Carbon Fouled.

    Now it says adjust fuel air mix, but adjust how much? how do i get it in the right place, when i screw in the little fuel/air screw am i making it richer or thinner?

    Can i tell by what sounds the engine is making if it needs to be in/out? Currently i have it 9 half turns wound out, from having it as tight as can be by hand.

  2. If it is one of the chinese in frame 2 strokes, you adjust the fuel/air by moving the clip on the needle up or down inside the carby. Moving the clip down raises the needle and richens the fuel to air mixture, moving the clip up, lowers the needle giving you more of a lean fuel to air mixture. Unless you have an upgraded carb, the only adjustment I have seen on the stock carbs is an idle adjustment. The oil to fuel ratio will also lean or richen your mixture, too much oil, means less fuel mixing with the air. If it is a new engine and not broken in yet and you are running a high oil mix the plug looks ok, just break in the engine, get a new plug, plug wire, and cap, mix a quality oil at 20 or 25:1 and then watch your plug.
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    I like to premix my fuel and air.