Fuel Carrier(Stainless Steel)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by fetor56, Apr 24, 2009.

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    nice score :cool2:
  3. 247Jude

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    I know I don't get the 100 + miles. I go for an hour and Turn around that is about as far as I ge! But I am 265lbs!
  4. 247Jude

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    It works out to about 68 miles to the gallon, 34 miles to the tank, 17 miles out!
  5. sparky

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    That's a Klean Kanteen knock-off. I just bought one for carrying water with me everyday.

    The steel flat caps and the poly loop caps are the best, BTW. 27 oz is the same as the 800 mL size. And there's also a neoprene case to insulate your beverages, which would obviously be unnecessary if you're putting gasoline inside...

    Klean Kanteen
    KK steel flat cap
    Built NY neoprene bottle tote

    There's also another knock-off of the Klean Kanteens, called Lifeline Green. Costco is selling a 6-pack for $50 that I might use for gasoline but not beverages. Supposedly the Lifeline Green bottles rust and are lighter than the KK bottles... leading me to believe they aren't stainless or they use really cruddy steel.
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    I weigh 185 and have an 80cc and thats about all I get 60 -70 mpg. Most guys say there must be something wrong. My spark plug is a light tan color and any lighter it will be too lean a setting. I use a 1 1/2 gallon tank and it doesn't last long, but as long as it runs I'm happy with it.
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    I have to jump in here. I had an stainless 22oz water/fuel bottle given to me as a promotional (company logo) item. Seemingly, it was perfect for gas. After six moths, the poly top swelled a little from the gas. The top was hard to remove, upon reinserting, the threads wouldn't match the bottle and cross threaded, leaving stringy bits of poly in my gas. My point is, that even though it might look like it would work; be careful to buy only bottles with caps designed to carry fuel.
  9. sparky

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    Yea, even the steel flat cap I linked to above has polypropylene on top, and supposedly drinks can leak inbetween the two sections of the cap. If you never turn 'em upside down, it'd probly be ok... otherwise, find another bottle!