Fuel cell foam

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  1. I was recently turned on to the idea of using fuel cell foam to stop sloshing. I run a 6 liter briggs and stratton ABS plastic tank.

    Does anybody have any experience? I'm hopping it can be a technically easy setup. Can you just fill the tank with the foam and cut a hole where the gas is refilled as well as smaller holes for the carb fuel lines? I think it needs the holes so fuel will build up there.


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    I have a similar type of foam in my street bike/track bike (yamaha r6) i noticed a big difference in handling on hard corners with that. The tank is much larger, but I still think there would be a benefit even on these smaller bikes.
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    I ordered fuel cell foam for my 4-liter fuel tank.

    Granted, the foam will displace some fuel, so you prolly won't be able to fill the tank.
    However, I normally fill to the 3-liter mark.
    If my guess is correct, you might not need to make holes in the foam to fill gas or for carb fuel lines.
    Since foam is porous like a sponge, simply pour fuel right onto it.
    I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.