Fuel economy, How many MPG/KPL do you get?

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  1. BeauBoy

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    As title describes, I am curious as to what average mileage you are all getting as individuals and your riding style.

  2. give me vtec

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    I dont really keep track of it like I do with my cars because I dont have odometers on my bikes... but I can say this.

    The eho35 consumes considerably less gas than the ht...

    funny thing is this... my 6+ hp gx200 powered mini bike eats about as much fuel as the 80cc ht engine. I use the same tank with both setups and they seem to last about the same.... but the gx200 makes a TON more power and is about 3.5 times bigger.
  3. Whizzerd

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    Seems to vary from engine to engine for me BB. Obviously fuel/oil ratio is a factor too. On 24:1 in my broke in BGF 80, I'm doing abt 80 mpg.
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    Really don't know and don't care to keep track. Why with a Yukon 5.7 and a Dodge diesel should I care although I know MUCH better then the trucks.:grin5:
  5. Fabian

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    Since making the much needed change to a No 84 main jet in my 66cc engine, my fuel economy works out to be 2 litres per 80 kilometers or 2.5 litres per 100 kilometers or 112.5 miles per gallon.

  6. motorpsycho

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    I have no idea and i don't really care. All i can say is that my 50 c.c. 2 stroke EATS gas like crazy. no, it isn't running too rich...i just like to go wide open as often and for as long as possible. :)
  7. mountain80

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    65 mpg initially, after taking 0.050 off the head,matching ports and boring a stock carb 110 mpg. Now I am doing a mileage check with my puch head and dellorto carb to see what comes up, stay tuned.
  8. I do short one mile rocket trips at WOT around 32mph+ to the store and back every few days. I have a 26" Scwhinn del mar cruiser with a 48cc Starfire gt-2 grubee dualstart dualclutch engine and 44t sprocket. I get 180mpg which is around 90 miles per tank. I have around 1,200+ miles on engine.
    Bike from walmart $99
    Engine kit from Gasbike.net $185
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  9. mountain80

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    SBP pipe, puch head and dellorto carb I am at 125mpg.
  10. MikeJ

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    Took a run tonight to test vibration-reducing tweaks. Engine is a no-name 80/66 cc something or another. Bike is a 26 inch mountain frame. Fuel is about four months old (should not affect numbers, but what the heck....) Here are informal fuel consumption numbers:

    In the past, I rode my 250-pound self in 5th gear (using SBP jackshaft kit) at 4000 rpm / 28 mph according to my SenDec electronic tachometer and Bell electronic speedometer. Got about 100 mpg with 50:1 synthetic oil mix. Noted vibration level was comfortable. Higher than that rpm, vibrations were intolerable.

    Tonight, rode my 250-pound self in 4th gear (using same SBP jackshaft kit) at 5000+ rpm / 28 mph. Rode 42 miles on a little over one-fourth gallon fuel with 50:1 synthetic oil mix. So I estimate about 140 mpg on flat highways with few stoplights and some tailwind. Will do a more calibrated test in the next few weeks. I think having multiple gears gives an advantage over a single fixed gear. The advantage comes at a price, though.

    Tonight's max rpm peaked at 5880 in 4th gear (35 mph); the engine sounds like it is about to shred itself. But like that pink bunny, it keeps on going and going. (I'm surprised because I almost threw the engine away after tearing it apart without regard for restoration after stripping one cylinder stud from that pot-metal crankcase when it was still brand new. I replaced those four Chinese studs with real NASCAR-grade steel bolts. The engine ran after that; I tweaked head torque and replaced a few more parts if I thought them to be inferior. Call it Frankenmotor.)

    Note that higher rpm / 4th gear is better mileage than lower rpm / 5th gear. Vibrations above 5000 rpm are much less than vibrations in the 4200 - 5000 rpm range (my bike's resonance range).

    1,020 miles to date. Going to pile more miles on as long as we can.

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  11. steinway

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    fuel economy

    Hello , i'm a newbie
    Im from Taiwan and my english is not very well.
    I wonder to know is there any way to enhence fuel economy.
    I just have finished my MB for about 5 weeks.
    It's weights about 25KG ,and use 80(66)cc 2-stroke engine,36T sprocket, and i just get 110 MPG.(while somebody get 200 MPG)
    Is it possible to make progress with my MPG? what should i pay attention to?
    About riding habit? About some part with my MB? About engine assemble?

  12. mabman

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    Pedaling as much as you can, especially upon starting from a stop and going uphills, will significantly increase your mileage.
  13. Esteban

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    The motored bike, in my avatar was checked & was getting nearly 125mpg. NOTE: I live in Florida so very few hills to climb & most riding was done around 15 , using some pedal assist.
  14. jeffuehrer

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    I was getting 90mpg when my 66cc was new but now I get around 75mpg. Why the decline?