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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by MoonKS, May 7, 2008.

  1. MoonKS

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    I have an NE5 - I have 370 miles on her and I notice the fuel filter is filthy - there is quite a large amount of particles settled on the bottom of the clear plastic housing as well.

    I looked in the gas tank and lo and behold - the dealer never cleaned the tank before filling her up with gas - I assumed they had... so there is a bunch of junk just floating around the bottom of my gas tank that I am going to now clean out - but I need a new fuel filter.

    The question is - is there an equivalent filter for the NE5 at an auto parts store or do I have to always order directly from Whizzer?



  2. RdKryton

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    Hi Matt
    I'm sure you can find a similar filter over the counter. Try Tractor Supply or any place that sells lawn mowers. It may not look the same but you need to filter that junk out. If you can, try to empty the tank out through a coffee filter. That way you will get most of the junk out of the tank and not clog a filter every 300 miles.

  3. bill green

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    Hi matthew the filter is a standard 3/16 lawn mower type .you can get at any small engine repair .. hope this helps Bill Green
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  5. MoonKS

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    That is a cool looking filter, Kid!
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    THOROUGHLY clean your tank out Moon,& from my experience NEVER assume anything of anyone....check check & double check.
    You can only trust yourself(and even that's only half the time) :)
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    Wichita must be cursed for Whizzer owners - took half a dozen stores to find 40 wt. oil - had to special order the NGK Iridium plug off of eBay - no bicycle shop in town stocks 24" tubes (had to order those)

    And after visiting every single hardware store (including the big box guys like Lowes, Home Depot and Tractor Supply) no one has anything smaller than 1/4 or 5/16 fuel filters for lawn mowers/small engines.

    I bought a 1/4" to see if I can get it to work - but the thing is almost 4 inches long!
  8. bill green

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    Hi matthew I have A card of 24 filters 3/16 in stainless screen . If you need one let me know . Bill Green PS I also stock better fuel line in 3/16
  9. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Guys, Just a few comments concerning fuel line. If you use one of my "special" cylinders, a 26MM carburetor, or modify the porting on your Whizzer motor, THROW the stock fuel line in the trash. During recent tests I found the stock fuel line restricting the flow of fuel to the carburetor at high RPMs. Use a thick 3/16" fuel line that won't shrink during acceleration. On one of the test bikes the idle increased after the fuel line change.
    Have fun,
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    Autozone and O'Riley's carry small filters, also any lawnmower repair shop.