fuel fiter?

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  1. jl0131

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    i just got my kit and i have no idea what im supose to do with this air filter that came with the box. any one have any ideas? non of the guides i have read online mentions anything about it either.


  2. Mountainman

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    is it small -- for fuel ??
    or larger size -- for air ??
  3. jl0131

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    its pretty small about the size of two stacked bottle caps
  4. here is a diagram for the airfilter. #35 in picture.

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  5. RMWdave

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    for fuel, you will want raw fuel to drain through the paper to the carb. in other words, the side that has the paper attached to it is the carb side.
  6. jl0131

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    cool thanks, i just didnt know where that thing went.
    just to make sure, it goes fuel line to paper side of the filter to carb.

    and i had just one more question.

    which hole in the carb do i stick the fuel line in? there is like 4 holes on the thing.
  7. RMWdave

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    you have it backwards, the fuel filter is installed in line to the carb. take a good close look at the filters design (im assuming its te clear one you can see through) and think about flow. gas comes in, goes through the paper element, and out.

    as for the carb, on the top there should be a place for your cable and on the body of the carb there should be a protrusion for a fuel line to slip over.
    have you gotten the throttle cable all hooked up?
  8. jl0131

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    ooo, ok i get it now thanks.

    and ill take a closer look at the carb 2mr.

    thanks again
  9. RMWdave

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    np! glad to help. welcome to the site.