Fuel Injected 2 Stroke

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  1. speedracer831

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    this is directly quoted from tony at rocksolidengines.com

    "...we are a machine shop & we specialize in building racing engines for ¼ drags, from 800HP to 2500HP, as well we custom build a lot of two stoke racing engines for dirt bikes & circuit bikes, all our engines are totally assembled in house, at Christmas or early January we will be releasing our own totally designed full billet engines for MB's & they are injected, yes no carby."

    this is bigger than the shift kit guys, this is like a revolution! fuel injected- we've all thought about the possibility for as long as we can remember, and to add to that, its full billet. this will be the most insane mb kit yet!!
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  2. arceeguy

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    I'll believe it when I see it.
    If it does materialize, my guess is that it will be prohibitively expensive. In other words, you might as well buy a small motorcycle.
  3. speedracer831

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    well, the current high performance 70cc kit from them is around 350(au) which is like 300 US? anyways, it cant cost much more than 600 bucks, which isnt that expensive considering the longevity of a custom rocksolidengines billet engine in comparison to how many **** kits people go through in 5 years.
  4. speedracer831

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    oh, and he said it would be available around december/january.
  5. EnFlaMEd

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    I was only thinking about a completely billet engine the other day lol. Man that will be tempting if they pull it off though I will have drivers license back next Feb and will probably stop spending on my bike and spend more on my cars. Awesome that these guys are like a 40min drive through the city from me too :D
  6. Fabian

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    I have had contact with Rock Solid Engines and although i can't say anything, they will be releasing some amazing stuff for the motorised bicycle market.

    They already have a Delux Nitrous kit available for purchase and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    You always hear of people giving reasons why things "can't" be done but some of us out there just go ahead and "make things happen", regardless of how many people keep telling you, """it can't be done""", """it won't work""" ect, ect, ect.

  7. 2old2learn

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    I've owned a fuel injected 2 stroke chain saw for a number of years now. Easy to start and runs good.
  8. skyash

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    may be just pump up the tank with a bike pump put a gauge on it so you can see psi forcing fuel in the carby some how may be