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I got my Dax 2 stroke running yesterday and have ridden it 8-9 miles. It makes me grin every time it starts! One small problem is that when I get it back to the garage if I don't shut the fuel off at the tank, within 2-4 minutes there is a puddle of fuel on the floor under it. I have taken the float bowl off and holding the float arm up there is no leak. Also, the bike starts very easily with only a touch of choke and seems to run a bit rich (4 stroking is a term used by folk who work on chain saws) Any ideas?
Try just slightly bending your float arm towards your bowl. Like a toilet tank,when you drop your toilet ball to stop flow earlier it brings the water lever down,this is what you want with your carburetor bowl. Right now it's set too high making your gas overflow.
Bend it slightly downwards a bit at a time till you don't get leaking anymore. It should still run the same afterwards. It sounds like only a slight bend is all you would need.
The other probability is that you have something foreign keeping your float valve in your brass line from closing. Try spraying up with carb cleaner or remove/clean/install. You already said it seals tight,though so try bending that arm or fork if you will down a bit.
Were talking like half a millimeter of bend here. Not a whole lot so be careful.
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Yup, when float bowl is full the needle isnt seating itself shutting off the gas flow when bowl is full.


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Mine did that once, and I shot some carb cleaner down that little fitting that the gas line goes into the carb, and fixed the problem.
Thanks for the help guys, the carb cleaner did the trick! No more leak and it now runs better each time I fire it up.