Fuel line an indication of anything?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by ravo, Oct 28, 2008.

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    So here's the deal:

    my motored bike is still pretty new and so far Ive been using the fuel line to tell how well things were connected. When i first had it running, the fuel line was never past halfway full of gas from the tank to the carb. My petcock and connection to the carb were also a little leaky. Upon using a zip tie on both hose barbs, putting some teflon tape over my petcock threads, using a neoprene washer instead of the red one that comes with the kit, putting more teflon tape over the threads where the throttle screws in, and O-ringing my carb the leaking stopped and shortly thereafter the fuel line remained full (i did them all at about the same time so i cant say which one did the trick). The engine would bog down at higher RPMs, but after a certian amount of time while either on flat ground or downhill it would pass that point and sound much better and pick up a whole lot of speed.

    Yesterday i did the "take the baffle off your exhaust" mod and realized a huge power increase (and stuck a colder plug in there - NGK B7HS out of paranoia over performance increases in these tiny engines). Ive noticed the fuel line is no longer full and the level hangs around the middle as it did before, but there are no visible leaks. Sometimes while im riding i will notice the line pretty much full of bubbles. I have yet to put the baffle back on and riding it for a little, but is this anything i should be concerned about? Is my fuel line telling me anything? Ive read that after doing the baffle mod you can get your engine running smoothly by rejetting your carb which i might try this weekend (but i still had the bogging issue with the baffle in there, so who knows).
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    Trouble is the fuel tank doesn't vent properly. Drill a tiny hole into the gas cap.

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    Through both the top and bottom parts, or just one part? I'll give it a shot this weekend.
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    I've found that the fuel line does not have to be full. as long as some fuel is in there, you'll be ok.