Fuel line for Dax GT50R? and fuel filter?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by StrontiumEthics, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. StrontiumEthics

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    Does anyone know the correct size fuel line I need for the Dax GT50R? I am in the process of ordering all my parts and I cant seem to find out the correct size. Also if you guys know of any sites where I can order it from that would be much appreciated! Thanks and ride hard! but safe!

  2. masterx1234

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  3. StrontiumEthics

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    Nice! Thank you. However, I plan to connect this to a teardrop tank so is there anyway I can fit the hosing? The teardrop tank takes 5/16 or 1/4 hosing..
  4. Wheres my dog

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    I've warmed up the end of a 3/16" fuel line in the past and got it to fit on a 1/4" and I even believe a 5/16" nipple...

    Or I've seen inline barbs with two different sizes on each ebd to meet the two lines