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    Ok, can someone PLEASE send me to a site that has fuel lines that fit CHINESE made 80 CC motors?

    Do NOT send me to spookytooth. Bad experience there.
    Do NOT send me to bikeberry. (Same as the above.)

    Do NOT send me to staton as I just got one from there and it's about half the diameter of my old line. They say they don't carry anything for made in China motors. (Didn't know there was any other kind.)

    Been to every store, auto place, hardware... around me. NO ONE has this blasted line.

    IT can't be this hard to find.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Oh, nevermind.

    I found a site http://custommotoredbicycles.com Recognized the site. Bought from them before. Got it ordered. The RIGHT one this time.

    Back to your regularly scheduled program.