Fuel mileage


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Jul 10, 2008
Hi. I'm curious as to what kind of fuel mileage you folks are achieving with your rides, and what your average cruising speeds are.

I ride a GEBE with a Tanaka PF3300 and am getting about 125 mpg cruising at 24-25mph on flat/semi flat land. The motor has about 600 miles on it - still breaking it in.

Thanks for your feedback.:)
hi 94; i think you can expect 225 after 400 more miles. i read that the chin bikes get 150, i just put a tank through one so i dont know. mitch
Thanks for starting this thread '94. I'm very interested in the MPGs that everyone is getting with their various motors and kits. I'm strongly considering the GEBE/PF3300 combo myself. The power of a 40+cc motor is enticing, but breaking the 200mpg barrier would make me grin for miles------------I'd get bugs in my teeth from grinning so much!:D
Thanks for the recent replies. The GEBE site says 160-180 mpg for my kit (Tanaka PF3300 2-cycle) and 25-30 mpg per tank. I'm still waiting for these estimates to be realized. What gives?

you chose one of the best built dependable engines in the industry. conservative estimates are 1000 miles for fulll breakin alone of that engine.

for another period of time it will continue to loosen up and get rev happy, the mpgs will follow.

it's coming,