Fuel mixture on 2/stroke

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    See, I've had a 2/gallon tank of 25:1 for about 2 1/2 months. I just put the last of it in tank. On this tank do you guys think that it could be running just to rich?...............From just sitting there? Plug chop is lighter tan, but it just acts like old gas? ......Total miles are about 350.

    (Skyhawk 48cc,NGK,New wire/boot,SBP Ex. Chamber,SBP air filter, Boost Bottle)


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    This can easily get confusing. I am not trying to belittle you, just clarifying things.
    So often a thread can get weird due to a misunderstanding.
    Fuel mixture refers to the air/ fuel ratio created by the carburetor.
    Oil ratio refers to the amount of oil mixed with the gasoline.

    Your oil ratio can be lightened up to 32:1 if you want. The engine is broken in now.
    Your fuel mixture should be close to 14.7:1.
    If you have a tan spark plug now, the 32:1 ratio will slightly enrichen the mixture and the plug might darken a little bit. It is still good.
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    Appreciate that..............Ok, if I do go to a 32:1, compared to the 25:1, will that enhance and of it over all preformance?
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    No, not really.
    That takes match porting or outright port modifying with match porting too, an expansion chamber exhaust, and a higher compression ratio.
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    Understand...............Well, I am now going to start using AMSOIL synthetic 32:1. I just wonder if there is anything else left to help this little 48cc?